We Make it Easy to own your Own Home From Building, ASSISTING IN Financing, to Closing…We Stay with You through each step…

FIRST step is to get qualified with a permanent lender. Find out how much money you have available for the lot and house. We can assist you with a lender that we can count on to expedite the homebuilding process.

SECOND step is to choose a lot that is proportional in price to the overall sales price. We can give you direction here.

THIRD step is to choose your house plan taking into consideration your lot size and your budget. You can bring us your house plan or choose from the ones that we have on hand. We offer CAD (Computer Aided Design & Visualization) on the majority of the house plans that we have available to offer flexibility in designing your dream home. We can also have an initial meeting with you to provide guidelines on how house designs can affect the budget that you are working with.

FOURTH step is to price the plan according to the specifications given by you and make any necessary adjustments.

FIFTH step is to get the proper appraisal through the lender. We can advise you on this all important matter.

SIXTH step is to sign a contract after loan approval and forward to an interim lender and the permanent lender.

SEVENTH step is to begin the construction of “Your New Home”. Superior Homebuilders will communicate with you through various steps of this process insuring that the house that we are building is the home of your desires. Considering allowances, you will have the freedom to choose favorite paint colors, door and window designs, light fixtures/ceiling fans, cabinets, kitchen appliances, bricks, etc…

EIGHTH step is to close with lender upon completion of “Your New Home”.

FINAL step is of course to move in and enjoy “Your New Home”.


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